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Equine identification regulations

New Equine Identification Regulations 2019 – What you need to know


Whilst there are various changes with the new regs here is what our members need to know:


  • All horses from 6 months of age or the 31st December (which ever comes first) must be micro chipped passported.


  • All horses born before 2009, Could previously have a passport without being micrcochipped. This is no longer compliant and owners have until February 2020 to have the horse microchipped and the chip registered.


  • All microchips are to be registered.


  • Any horse purchased must have a microchip (unless born before 2009 and current date not after 12th Feb 2020) and a passport.


  • Any horse purchased must have passport and microchip updated within 30 days. (photograph passport for proof before you send to passport agency and send recorded delivery)




  • If you fail to comply a local authority officer may issue you a non - compliance notice – this will detail what action you need to take to become compliant and in a time scale. Should you choose not to follow this you will be prosecuted for non -compliance.


  • Most local authorities in South Wales are taking the attitude that if they receive a complaint of any nature that leads to investigating a horse, compliance will be checked and addressed. However, local government may decide to carry out inspections aimed at clubs, events, dealers, and breeders etc to check compliance.

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